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reviewLose 21 Pounds of Belly Fat In 3 Weeks…Without Stupid Diets Or Expensive Gimmicks

Those of you who read my newsletter know that I hate diets. They never work. Not in the long run at least. What you lose you usually gain back with interest. To burn belly fat,  most traditional diets just won’t work anyway since belly fat is so hard to break down.

Despite all the “miracle diets”, pills, potions and gimmicks on the market the simple fact is that there is only one approach that really works. Exercise and proper eating. Yes, it does not sound “sexy” and it’s not the “latest” but out of the hundreds of success stories I’ve red over the last 3 months, they ALL follow this basic formula.

Mike Geary’s The Truth About Abs has built a reputation as one of the best programs to burn belly fat. Unlike diet programs, there are no gimmicks. It focuses on healthy food and more importantly on foods that are scientifically proven to burn fat. As a certified nutritionist Mike Geary designed meal plans that are focused around foods that burn fat naturally.

But food is just one part of the equation. When you combine these fat burning foods with specific and focused exercises you can speed up the pace at which your body will burn belly fat. This program is different. Instead of killing yourself in the gym for 90 minutes a day, it only requires 30 minutes of easy exercise in the comfort of your own home.


Here Are The Major Benefits Of The Program:

tick-small3 Still eat 4 to 6 meals a day tick-small3 Only 30 minutes 3 days a week
tick-small3 No gimmicks or “ab machines” tick-small3 No sit ups or back-breaking exercises
tick-small3 Healthy & permanent fat loss tick-small3 60-day money back guarantee


As with any fat loss program you will have to do your part. This is not some miracle program that will melt away your fat for you. It does take some effort from your part.  Fortunately it’s quite simple and compared to other diet programs this is very easy to stick to.

Like all other diets, they make some bold promises. I suppose it comes with the territory. Don’t pay too much attention to that. This program works and is very effective and there are hundreds of success stories to prove it. .

Do I recommend you try it? Yes. You’ve got nothing to lose since they offer a money-back guarantee and there’s no gimmicks or diet trick in this program. Just good, solid and proven methods to burn belly fat.

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articlesThe 3 BIG Fat Lies of Losing Belly Fat

A flat belly has become the symbol of sexiness. While magazine covers are graced with both men and women who parade a flat sexy stomach, most “normal” people have serious belly fat problems. Belly fat is a big problem – and it’s not just cosmetic. Excess abdominal fat is now considered a major cause of heart disease and if your waist-to-hip ratio is above 0.85 you might be t risk.

When it comes to losing belly fat every kind of gadget imaginable has been thrown at us. From pills and creams to intricate machines and workout routines. But what is it that really works? How can you lose that stubborn abdominal fat?

With the dangers of stomach fat only now coming to light, there’s been a lot of studies into the best ways to lose belly fat. Most of them will surprise you. Which is why I want to look at some of the myths. We’ve all been lead to believe that we need to do “this” or “that” if we want to lose weight. Unfortunately most of it is just one BIG LIE.

Myth #1: Go On A Diet
Thinking that eating less will make you lose more fat is probably the biggest mistake you can make. Most diets that “work” are actually slowing down your metabolism and causing your body to burn less fat. It also makes your ability to store fat better than before the diet which is why most people on FAD diets usually gain even more weight when they do come off it. Yes, you do have to control your calorie intake, but starving yourself will not burn belly fat.

Myth #2: Do Sit-ups and Crunches
When you stare at your fat belly in the mirror you probably had the urge to just drop for 50 situps. It’s a “natural” inclination to think that if you have a fat belly you need to do sit-ups but nothing could be more wrong. You cannot burn belly fat with sit-ups. Yes, it will help you tone up but it needs to be part of an overall body conditioning to make it work for you.

Myth #3: Avoid Fat
Yet another bog mistake is to think that eating fat makes you fat. Advertisers have been pushing low fat products to us for more than a decade now and it’s proven to work simply because of uneducated consumers. The kinds of fats that low fat products cut out are usually not a major contributor to belly fat. Ironically one of the best ways to burn belly fat it with fat. Eating the right kinds of fats can help you burn belly fat faster than any other type of food.


articlesLittle Known Secrets To Burn Belly Fat Fast

When you think of burning fat you probably think of busting your guts in the gym. While working out is very important, it is not “the” solution to burning belly fat. Losing abdominal fat is tough because it is very stubborn – meaning it is very hard to break down and burn off.

Belly fat is the worse kind of fat since it is metabolically active. This is why it so dangerous and why it’s been linked to different kinds of cancers. Getting rid of belly fat will not only make you look good, but it will reduce your chances of cancers and heart disease significantly. If you think you are still “young” and that cancer and heart disease won’t affect you yet, then think again because giving a bulging waistline at age 30 is just as dangerous as having it at age 50.

While exercise and a sensible eating plan is key in losing belly fat, there is a lot more to it than just going for a jog and having a salad. The latest studies have found some breakthrough solutions to burn belly fat fast. Here are 3 great ways to burn belly fat without exercising or going on a diet. Don’t take them lightly. They DO work and are based on years of scientific studies.

- Avoid Trans fats
Trans fats are the worse kinds of fat you get and the shocking thing is that most supermarket foods are full of it. Trans fats are formed when vegetable oils is converted into a solid which alters it’s chemical makeup. The fat solids are used to help preserve food and extend the shelf life. Trans fats is one of the main culprits of belly fat and since these fats can’t be digested, your body tends to “dump” it in your belly. All food labels are now required to list the Trans fat content. Avoid it at all costs.

- Get More Sleep
As hard as it is to believe, getting enough sleep can help you burn belly fat. The reason for this is that a lack of sleep lowers the level of leptin in your body. Leptin naturally suppresses appetite and tells the brain when the stomach is full. If you don’t get enough sleep you tend to overeat and usually you snack on “empty foods” that consists of bad carbs and saturated fat. More sleep will help you burn belly fat by helping your hormones to normalize.

- Manage Your Stress
Stress triggers your “fight or flight” response which is a natural response that helps you “survive”. Under stress your body releases a cocktail of adrenaline, cortisol and insulin to help you cope. High cortisol levels increases your appetite and increases fat storage in your body. This kind of fat has also been directly linked to the kind of fat that deposits in your abdominal region.

Although these are more unconventional methods to burn belly fat, they are extremely effective. Don’t take it lightly and make an effort to apply it in your life and you will see results.